Pride and Joy

A little over a year ago I put Miss P in a gym class for preschoolers. It included tumbling and other basic gym stuff. I really wanted to put her in a dance or tumbling class but I had no idea how she’d handle a stranger telling her what to do, and this class was cheap.

She loved the class and making new friends. So when the new term came along in September I signed her up again, but I also signed her up for dance and tumble on Monday evenings, hoping she might like that.

You see, she LOVED swimming, so I signed her up for lessons at the nearest community college. She HATED the lessons. She only made it midway through the second lesson before I pulled her out of the pool, got her dressed and vowed never to go back. She won’t even go swimming our local pool right now (and yes, I know it’s November, but it is Florida and the pool is heated).

So off we went to dance and tumble. She loves it. She is thriving there.

Yesterday she had her first performance at a local fall festival. They had costumes. They danced to “Do You Want To Build a Snowman”. She was imperfect, but I’ve never seen her happier.

I presented her with a bouquet of flowers, because ballerinas get flowers after their performances. She also got a trophy from her dance teacher.

While they were dancing I stood at the front and videotaped it and cried. This beautiful little creature in her shiny blue tutu prancing on stage is MY DAUGHTER. She is luminous and happy.

How did I ever get so lucky?

After the dance and award ceremony we walked around the festival. Ate a snow cone, bought some tickets, then she went on some rides, most of them by herself.

Four is a magical age.

For that matter, so is 44.


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