Old Mom New Tricks

Two years ago when we first moved to town I took Miss P for swimming lessons at the local pool. They didn’t go well. We got free passes to the pool to “practice” but never used them and they got stolen during the burglary of our home several months later.

I’d heard in local moms groups that the community pool could be a not-so-fun place to hang out. Some moms said that there were “mean moms” there who made it an uncomfortable experience.  I’ll be honest. I read those things, and I stayed way.

We replaced Miss P’s last life jacket with a puddle jumper and she has really gotten independent in grandma’s pool. However, grandma lives an hour away and we don’t have our own pool.

So off to the community pool we went. I don’t look my best, or even close. My swimsuit is a few years old. But my daughter loves to swim.

And so we went.  And you know what? I have no idea if there are mean moms there. I have no idea if anyone is disgusted by my appearance.

My daughter has the cutest smile on her face. She enjoys every minute in that deliciously cool pool. So do I.

I think this must have something to do with being in my 40s. Whatever it is, it feels like freedom.


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