The Dilemma

I wrote recently about how in one group of parents I was being left out, while in another I was being asked to take on a leadership position. Interesting how things work out.

In the group where I was being left out, a new-to-the-group mom who is part of the inner circle has been inviting me to things where everyone else is, so I’m inner-circle-adjacent now, I guess.

And the group in which I have a leadership position is becoming… well, it’s becoming a problem.

The group is for young moms or at least moms of young children. Because it is a new local chapter, an older mom (she did this group when she had young children and now her young children are grown) started the group and is currently the group mentor.

The local group is big enough now to have its own leadership committee, which I was asked to be a part of. This means I’m working closely with this mentor mom, as well as the other moms of young children.

The mentor mom is a fairly negative force during our leadership meetings, though to be fair, she’s been through this before and can point out all the reasons why an idea isn’t feasible based on group size, etc.  That’s not the real problem.

The real problem is she’s “Christian” so she has no problem disavowing the Girl Scouts (“I don’t buy cookies from them because I cannot support an organization that supports Planned Parenthood”) and eschewed one of our volunteer opportunities because “we don’t want our children exposed to bisexuals or homosexuals”.

I had forgotten that these sort of people existed outside of Trump rallies.

People can disagree with me, and she surely does.  I support Planned Parenthood. I also believe in safe, legal abortion. And one of my best friends on Earth is gay. I would trust my daughter to her and her wife without a second thought. They would treat her as their own.

Then yesterday this mentor mom posted something on social media about how since everyone hates Trump “he must be doing something right”.  Just the night before I was talking to my husband about how the news coming out of the Trump rallies terrifies me. Could this man really have a possibility of becoming our next president? And now she’s supporting him?

I generally try to live and let live but I’m just not sure I’m comfortable interacting closely with this woman. I “unfollowed” her on Facebook after I saw the Trump comments, but as a member of the leadership committee I’m going to be working pretty closely with her.

I just don’t think I can do it.


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