Youtube, My Love

When our house was burglarized about a year ago all of our television electronics were taken, including our little $19 DVD player and our Chromecast. We replaced the TV and DVR, but not the DVD player, and I’ve missed it.

Chromecast isn’t great on DSL (the only internet available out here) so I got an Amazon Fire TV Stick and it is fantastic. It allows you to install apps, one of which is Youtube.

This is great because there are SO MANY kids shows streaming on Youtube full episodes! Miss P is obsessed with Peppa Pig right now, so that’s always ready.

I’ve been lamenting my lack of exercise lately. I recently won a free DVD from T-tapp that I am pretty excited about, but with Cyber Monday sales I’ve yet to receive it so I’ve been sitting around.

Someone mentioned Leslie Sansone and I remembered I have a bunch of DVDs of hers that I never use. We do have an old crappy DVD player attached to an old crappy TV in another room and I really don’t want to work out in there on inferior equipment.

I am just full of excuses.

In the Trim Health Mama Facebook group someone asked about Leslie Sansone because she was tired of paying lots of money for workouts she won’t do. I decided to look on Youtube to see if someone had posted a clip or two for her to look at.

Oh. My. Word. There are HUNDREDS of full length workouts on Youtube for Leslie Sansone. And I can stream them on my Amazon Fire TV Stick on my nice flat screen TV in my big empty living room. Yay!

That means no excuses tomorrow!



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