Attitude of Gratitude

Saturday morning I woke up before anyone else.  It has been a long week: break-in, thief caught, mother in law totaled her car, meeting with ADT about the security system, being trapped at home all week because we were afraid to leave the house unattended.

So I went into our front room on Saturday morning while my husband and daughter slept.  I sat on the couch by the windows and perused some blogs on my phone (because my laptop was stolen).  It was peaceful, quiet.  I read a post geared toward new first time moms and remembered being one of those.

Then I started to think about Miss P, still passed out in her bed.  When would she wake up?  What adventures would we have today?  What funny things would she say (seriously, the kid has us in stitches sun-up to sundown)?  How many times could I demand Eskimo kisses from her before she rand and hid under the coffee table?

And that’s really how I feel.  I honestly love this kid and everything she brings to my life.  There are hard days, of course.  She’s 2 and that is to be expected.  But most days are FUN with a capital F U N.

Friday night when we were talking with the ADT sales guy, we told him Miss P was two.  We got the usual reply: “Just wait until she becomes a teenager!”

I never understand why people say things that are meant to be discouraging to parents of young children.  We know that every day isn’t going to be wine and roses.  We know every year, every month, every day being their own sets of challenges.  We’re in it for the long haul.

Miss P is my dream come true.  Well, technically she’s not the two boys I thought I would have, but she’s better!  She is real and funny and smart and loving and when I think about the long, childless life I thought I was going to have, I want to go in and scoop her up and smother her in kisses again.

I posted about my morning thoughts on Facebook and had a friend respond that with that attitude it was sure to be a good day, and she was going to think about it as she went through her day with her small ones, as well.  That wasn’t why I posted it, but I’m glad if my thoughts helped someone else’s attitude for even a few hours.

Raising children is hard, but it’s harder if we look at it like a job.  I’m going to try to remember to live every day like it is an adventure.


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