The Victim

On Friday morning Miss P decided to sleep in.  I love that we have the flexibility of this.

I was sitting at the kitchen counter closest to her bedroom door on the computer.  My phone rang at 7 am, and I snatched it up and answered it before the ringing could wake her up.

Stage Whisper: HELLO?

This is a call from the Florida Statewide crime victim information network.  We are calling to inform you of the status of inmate last name ____ first name ______.  This inmate is still in custody…

I blinked.  There was the option to repeat the information so I grabbed a pen and paper and took down the inmate name, the number for the victim information network and other pertinent details.

You see, the thief who broke into our house was apprehended on Thursday.  With some of our stuff.  That’s right, we’re getting at least some of our stolen items back.  And the scum who broke our bedroom window and pawed through my undergarments is in jail.

It was weird hearing that term: crime victim.  I mean, I know we were victims of a crime.  I just haven’t really seen myself as a victim.

I saw him.  I saw his vehicle, got a description and the tag number.  I was able to give police the information they needed to catch him.  That’s empowering.  I don’t feel like a victim at all.

I did have some nights where sleep was tough, but things could have turned out so much worse.  I could have come home and found him in the act, found myself on the business end of the gun he had.  I didn’t.

I had already let go of the things he stole.  I have been burglarized before and never recovered a single item that was taken.  I didn’t expect this to be any different.   Now we’re going to have some duplicates.

New laptop is on the way.  New DVR was received.  New TV in the livingroom.  New ADT system installed.

2015 taketh away, but it also giveth.  #notavictim


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