As the summer continues to rage on here and everywhere, my focus of late has been on the deaths of children in hot cars.  It seems that this happens at least every other day, and most of them occur in Florida, where I live.

To wit: this morning I see that a baby died in a hot car in Utah yesterday. Ugh.

Mustang Car after Rain with Sun

Mustang Car after Rain with Sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get that people are forgetful. Changes in routine can throw us all of balance.  It happens.

But come on!  This isn’t like forgetting to brush your teeth (I’m guilty of this), putting your shirt on inside out (also guilty) or leaving the grocery list on the kitchen counter at home (guilty!).

This is a HUMAN BEING.  This is is your small, helpless child.

I have left my grocery list on the kitchen counter at home.  Took my daughter to an unfamiliar store in an unfamiliar town, walked through the store with her and grabbed things I thought were on that list and when I got home, I carried her into the house (or, at this point, let her walk), went in and realized I forgot the milk.  Nobody died, though.

We are all pulled in a million different directions every day, but if you’re leaving your child in the car accidentally then your focus is on the WRONG THINGS.

I know it seems like an easy thing to say, but really, isn’t taking the time to focus on your child, remembering your child more important than just about anything else?

I have tried to be compassionate towards these people. They’ve just lost children, and I cannot imagine anything worse.  In my mind there is nothing worse – no judge, no jury could do anything to me that would compare with the punishment of losing the person I love most in the world.  My condemnation of these people would mean little or nothing.

But really, all of the tips and tricks on how to not forget your child are just sad and pathetic.  FOCUS on your child. Make your child your number one priority, and hot car deaths will become extinct. I guarantee it.


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