The Land of Nod

Nap Time I - Sweet Dreams...

Nap Time I – Sweet Dreams… (Photo credit: epicture’s (more off than on))

We’ve always had a difficult time with naps and Miss P.  She has always taken really short naps, which, once consolidated, were still short naps.  Now we’re down to one, and for a time the naps have been between 45 minutes and 1 hour total for the day.a

Since returning to Florida (return for us – new place for her) her naps have gotten considerably longer.  Most days her nap will last about 2 hours.  On Friday, her nap was almost THREE hours.

She doesn’t sleep as much at night, which is negligible.  Generally she is asleep by 9 pm and up by 7:30.  Sometime around 3 or 3:30 am she will come get in bed with us, something I am trying to curb.  On Thursday night she came in about 3:15 and instead of nursing her back to sleep and leaving her there I got up and took her back into her room.  She fell asleep on the floor next to her crib snuggled up to me.  No nursing.  When I transferred her back to the toddler bed she didn’t complain.

Is it all of the Florida sunshine?  Is it my change in attitude?  Is it just finally coming to understand the beauty of a nap?  Who knows?  Whatever it is, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.


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