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The Social Butterfly

Spurred butterfly-pea at Sanibel Island in Lee...

Spurred butterfly-pea at Sanibel Island in Lee County, Florida, U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week we went back to Florida to visit family and friends.  When we left there I was 5 months pregnant, so most people there were meeting Miss P for the first time.

Over the course of the nine days we were there Miss P really came out of her shell.  She’s still a little wary of almost all adults, but she loves other kids and dogs.  It was great seeing her interact with others.  There is precious little of that at home.

We realized a little while back that our current home base is quite isolating.  There are some super nice people here, but most people here were born and raised here so their friends lists are all full up.  There are conversations at baby boot camp or the library, but nothing beyond that.

For me it is compounded by my natural shyness and introverted nature.  Not entirely my problem, though.  My husband is so extroverted as to have conversations with furnishings, and he hasn’t made any friends here either.

Going back to Florida reminded us of what it is like to have friends and family nearby, people who know and love us and couldn’t wait to finally meet Miss P.  The sunshine and warm beach days didn’t hurt, either.

We got back on Sunday, and Monday we went to the library for story time.  One of the mothers pulled me aside after to get our address so she could send an invitation to her daughters birthday party.  Her daughter is turning 2, and we’ve been seeing each other at story time for 6 months or so.

I’m thrilled for my daughter, even though I know she and this other little girl don’t really have a relationship – they’re just too young.  I know it was my overtures with the other mom that got the invitation, and even so I still don’t feel comfortable going to their house where I don’t know anyone.

I will, though, if only for the experience for Miss P.  At story time she was walking up to the other kids and saying hi and waving.  She is really the cutest little thing.

And in other news, my husband sent out a resume while we were in Florida.  He got an email that evening requesting an interview before we left town.  He interviewed and we expected more news in a few weeks, but no.  They want to fly him out there this weekend for a second interview.

Looks like we’ll be moving back sooner rather than later.  Moving = ugh, but being back around friends again is a delicious thought.

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