More on Daddies and Babies

I recently got a friend request on Facebook from an ex. I’d been thinking about him recently (in a general way, as I was thinking about a topic with which he will always be entwined in my mind) and so I accepted the request.

He popped up to chat minutes later and we got caught up.  He is married now, living up in the frigid north, and he has a six year old daughter.

I couldn’t remember if he and I had ever discussed having children. I knew we had discussed marriage, but I don’t think the topic of kids ever came up.

I know how Miss P is with my husband/her daddy. She adores him. She thinks the sun and moon revolve around him.  When he gets home from work she squeaks and runs for him.  Anytime he is home she is sure to be stuck to him. Their relationship makes my heart feel like it will burst.  They are totally inseparable, those two.

I love it because I am a daddy’s girl.  I have a wonderful relationship with my dad – he was even in the delivery room when my daughter was born!  I’m so glad she has that strong male presence and that strong bond in her life, like I do.

So I asked my ex if he was a doting father.  Is his daughter a daddy’s girl?  He told me that they are planning a trip to visit his family in a few weeks and it will be just the two of them “so that will tell.”

I don’t know if he realizes it but that was a big fat NO.  If you haven’t established a strong bond with your child by the age of 6, it seems unlikely you ever will.

I guess not every girl has to be a daddy’s girl, but it makes me a little sad for both of them.  I’ve seen both my husband and my daughter blossom because of their relationship.


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