Mean Moms

A friend posted a link on Facebook a couple of days ago about a group of mean moms that created a secret Facebook group where they steal pictures of other people’s kids (specifically toddlers) and make fun of them.

I was shocked to find that something such as this existed, though I’m not sure why I would be shocked.  People, especially moms, can be really mean.  Now I think I’d be shocked if this was the only such group in existence.

I particularly love these lines of the article:

Many of the mothers associated with it have disabled their pages, but others are defending their actions, posting on their Facebook pages that it’s their freedom of speech. 

OK, seriously?  Can we all just take a moment and think about this?  Freedom of speech does not give you blanket permission to be an asshole.  Picking on a bunch of toddlers!

You can say what you want about me.  Call me fat, call me ugly, call me stupid.  I really don’t care.  But my kid?  That is a line you DO NOT cross.

My daughter is 15 months old.  She is beautiful, sweet, perfect in every way.  If you don’t think so, that is your problem, not mine.  Post it on the internet where someone can see it and it gets back to me?  Then YOU are MY problem and there aren’t enough freedoms in the world to save you at that point.

These are probably a bunch of young moms who don’t think about how their actions affect others or how those actions can also come back to haunt them.  In my advanced maternal age I’ve come to the conclusion that spreading love is better that sitting around sniping at others. I’ve got more important things to do than spread snark and hatefulness.



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