The No Good Very Bad Monday

English: Kid's shopping cart, picture taken at...

English: Kid’s shopping cart, picture taken at a Wegman’s store in the U. S. Deutsch: Kinder-Einkaufswagen, fotografiert an einem Wegman’s-Supermarkt in den USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past Monday was not the best one for Miss P.  Or me, for that matter.

A couple of months ago she went from being my quietly-sits-in-the-cart baby to my stands-up-in-the-seat-of-the-cart baby.  Even with the safety belt on she would still stand up and sometimes even wiggle out of the belt.

I decided that it would be safer to let her stand in the back of cart.  This worked out well for us, because she could stand up and maul all of our purchases and look around.  It worked out well until this past Monday.

You see, on Monday morning she fell out of the cart.

All the way out.

Flipped over the edge of the back and landed on the ground on her back in the checkout lane at Target.

I watched the whole thing.  I was helpless to stop it, it happened so fast.

She was reaching for something in the grab and go area of the lane.  I was digging through my purse for coupons.  The cart lurched and I looked up just as she went over the side.

Luckily, she tucked her head in and landed on her back.  Her head never touched the ground.  It knocked the wind out of her and once she could breathe again she was PISSED.   I prodded her head for bruises or soft/sore spots.  Nothing.  By the time we got from store to car she had stopped crying.  When we got home I stripped her down and checked her over for bruises.  Nothing.

It took me several hours to stop shaking.  Later that evening while playing with her dad, her hand slipped (she was crawling underneath him like he was a bridge) and she hit her head on the hardwood floor.  She had a nice little goose egg for a bit.

We planned to go to a local event this weekend so I wanted to get her a harness for that event so she could walk around.  We went out the next day to get one and I found this:

This is the Buddy Guard 2-in-1 harness.  It goes over baby’s head and attaches via aplix on her back.  You can use the attached leash to harness baby in a public place, or you can connect the aplix on a shopping cart to keep baby in place (around the back of the cart seat).  I was sold!

It works great as a leash.  I don’t know how you feel about putting a kid on a leash but my kid is very strong-willed and I will use anything and everything necessary to keep her from getting in harm’s way.

I used it in the shopping cart at Target this morning. I strapped her in with the Buddy Guard and then used the cart strap.  She went nowhere.  She tried to stand up in the seat a couple of times and let out some pretty impressive bellows when she was unable to do so.

I felt so much better about her safety when she was strapped in with this product. I highly recommend it.



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