Toddler Time

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three phases in timed shutter release (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I haven’t been here in a while but I have a great excuse:  I’ve been chasing my toddler around!

Miss P turned one in August.  She has been taking a few steps here and then since around 10ish months, but no actual walking.  On her birthday weekend she decided to do some walking across the room, and that was fine for a while.

She’s been doing about 50/50 walking and crawling for a few weeks.  On Saturday last I dressed her all the way to socks and shoes and took her to Walgreens.  We got out of the car and instead of putting her in a cart I put her on the sidewalk and she took my hand and walked into the store.  She was so proud!  So was I, for that matter.

Ever since then she’s either 95% or 100% walking.  It leaves her hands free to grab anything and everything, but it is still really cool.

Story time at the local libraries started this week and I intended to take her to the toddler class at the library closest to our house.  I thought it was on Thursday.  On Monday afternoon I went to the website to doublecheck the time and found out it was actually on Monday morning.


We had exercise class on Tuesday morning and after we went to the mall play place so we didn’t make it to toddler story time at the library we used to go to either.  I made a commitment that we would go to the closest one today.

The closest one in town is about 5 miles away and it’s a library I’ve been to before.  We showed up about 10 minutes before it started and there were about 50 toddlers there already. Some had one parent, some had two.  It was a lot of people.

A total zoo, this was.  Utter chaos.  Miss P stayed closed to me, usually standing between my knees when I was sitting.  There were a lot of older toddlers and they were being very rowdy.

The one time my little sweetie got excited was when someone dragged out the library’s large stuffed dog.  No one else had noticed it.  She squealed with delight and toddled over to talk to the doggie.  While she was stroking his ears another toddler, a boy of maybe 3 or so, came over and dragged the dog away from her.  Made me so mad.

I don’t know how she felt about the crowd but I wasn’t prepared for that kind of insanity.  God bless those librarians.

The Monday toddler story time at the library near us is at a neighborhood branch, so it is much smaller.  I’ve heard from another mom on Twitter that the group is MUCH smaller.  I hope so, because momma can’t take that crowd!


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