baby toes

baby toes (Photo credit: PhylB)

My daughter is enamored of animals, the outdoors, and dirt.  She never stops moving, exploring, climbing up on things she shouldn’t be.  She’s a tough cookie.

All my friends who have girls post pictures of their little feet with painted nails and I love that!  When I was out shopping the other day I picked up a bottle of cotton candy pink nail polish so I could do it for Miss P and I.

I sat her down on the bed next to me and showed her the bottle of nail polish.  I made a big deal about pulling the little brush out and brushing a coating of polish on one of my big toes.  She tried to swipe the bottle from me and then the little brush.

I got her calmed down and pulled out her little foot to brush some polish on her nails.  She sat and watched for a moment as I brushed the little brush over her big toenail.  I had to laugh because both toenail and toe were dirty.

She tried to swipe the bottle and the brush again so I put them both away.  We now each have one cotton candy pink toenail.

Maybe someday she’ll let me do them all.



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