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baby toes

baby toes (Photo credit: PhylB)

My daughter is enamored of animals, the outdoors, and dirt.  She never stops moving, exploring, climbing up on things she shouldn’t be.  She’s a tough cookie.

All my friends who have girls post pictures of their little feet with painted nails and I love that!  When I was out shopping the other day I picked up a bottle of cotton candy pink nail polish so I could do it for Miss P and I.

I sat her down on the bed next to me and showed her the bottle of nail polish.  I made a big deal about pulling the little brush out and brushing a coating of polish on one of my big toes.  She tried to swipe the bottle from me and then the little brush.

I got her calmed down and pulled out her little foot to brush some polish on her nails.  She sat and watched for a moment as I brushed the little brush over her big toenail.  I had to laugh because both toenail and toe were dirty.

She tried to swipe the bottle and the brush again so I put them both away.  We now each have one cotton candy pink toenail.

Maybe someday she’ll let me do them all.



A Year in the Life

Birhday Candle

Birhday Candle (Photo credit: Andrew J.Swan)

One year ago today at just after 7 am my water broke.  I was scheduled to be induced on August 9th due to gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes, but 28 hours prior to my water breaking I had started having contractions.  I was thrilled.  And then my water broke and everything became a blur of pain until the sweet, blessed epidural was administered.

Ten hours in labor and delivery, a few short minutes of pushing and out came this raw, intense little creature with a shock of dark hair, vivid blue eyes and an indignant expression.  “Well, I’m here.  Now what?”

I fell in love.

Motherhood has been sometimes scary, oftentimes difficult, but always rewarding.  I have cried and screamed and punched my pillow in frustration, eaten too much chocolate, said things under my breath I shouldn’t have said, said things aloud I shouldn’t have said.  But always, always having this sweet lovely in my arms has made it all worth it.

She is funny and charming and smart as hell.  She astonishes me with how quickly she can grasp a concept.  She is an incessant babbler.  She is cautiously taking her first steps.  She loves animals and being outside.  She has her daddy and I both wrapped around her little finger.  She is vibrant and miraculous.

Somehow we have managed to keep her alive for a whole year. (Here’s to many more.)

Miss P, my incredible daughter, you are the love of my life.  Thank you for being my baby.  Happy first birthday!

Love, Momma