Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, … (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

Today was a boot camp day.  Once a week I go to the local mall with my girl in her stroller and do baby boot camp.

I’m old and fat and out of shape, but several months ago I started doing Couch to 5K.  When it got too hot to do that baby boot camp came along and I jumped on it.

It is hard.

I mean REALLY hard.

I sweat and turn red and sometimes I can’t complete all of the reps of a given exercise.  But I try, damnit.  And I am there every week with a smile on my face.  I love getting some exercise, interacting with other moms and setting an example for my darling baby girl.

So today was extra fun in a bit of a snarky way.

I am by far the oldest, most overweight and out of shape of any woman there.  But again, I work my butt off and I do keep up.  No one has to wait on me to get back with the group.  Ever.

There were a few new ladies today including this one beautiful, petite blonde.  About 20 minutes into our workout she suddenly started walking away from the group to leave.  The instructor told us to keep doing what we were doing and went to catch up to her.  It seems she was feeling sick and lightheaded and decided it was too much for her.  The instructor convinced her to stay, told her to just sit and drink water and catch her breath while we finished the outside portion of the workout.

The blonde stayed for the rest of the workout but said in the end it was way harder than she expected.

It made ME feel good because I’ve been there since day one and I haven’t given up.  Today we even did some jogging at the end of a lunge series and I was able to lunge walk and then jog to the beginning to start over.

I wouldn’t have believed it 6 or 9 months ago.

That said, I’m ready for fall so I can start running again!


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