What I’m Getting Ready For

I’ve been working on my couponing skills lately.  I have always loved saving money, but once I had Miss P I stopped taking the time to research and collect coupons and figure out deals.  My shopping trips always seem to be in a rush when I’ve got a spare 30 seconds.  This is not so good for our budget. 

Dollar Tree in Syracuse, NY. Formerly a Carl's...

Dollar Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I’ve gotten back into couponing, I decided to make a trip to Dollar Tree on Sunday to get some additional Sunday papers (pro tip: Sunday papers are a dollar at Dollar Tree on Sunday – the average Sunday paper in most major cities is at least $1.50).  While there I passed by their back-to-school and saw some things I decided to pick up.

I know she’s not even a year old yet, but we are going to be homeschooling and it is never too late to start learning. I got:

  • One book of colorful construction paper
  • Two books of writing paper (the kind with two solid lines and a dotted line for writing practice)
  • Four window cling pages: one ABCs, one numbers, one colors and one shapes

I plan to look for other things like these while I’m there.  A dollar per item is a great deal and I know we’ll make use of them.  I love teaching my little sprout.


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