What I’m Not Ready For

Photograph of the Begg Wedding party

Photograph of the Begg Wedding party (Photo credit: Dundas Museum and Archives)

A couple of weeks ago at the library the son of another woman who came to story time was crawling around my daughter.  She is enjoying being around other kids so they were kind of circling each other.  Then he leaned in for a kiss.

His mom stopped him, though he did try several times.  When she told me he does it to everyone I told her I wasn’t quite ready for boys to be kissing my daughter so she pulled him away to go look at books.  I don’t know if she thought I was rude and I really don’t care.  He’s a boy.  Trying to kiss my daughter.

He could be sick.

He could have cooties.

Yesterday one of my husband’s best friends called.  He and his wife live in Florida with their two-year-old adopted son on a chicken farm.  We really miss them.

My husband came in while Miss P and I were eating lunch with the phone on speaker.  “Say hi to the girls,” he told his friend.

“Hiya P, it’s your future father-in-law,” he said, and he laughed.

I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh.  It’s not that I would mind my daughter marrying their son someday, but good grief, she is only 11 months old!

Maybe I’m overreacting.  She’s just so tiny and perfect and pure that I want to keep her that way as long as I can.  That’s not a bad thing, is it?


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