Our Little Trashy Girl

#6620 recycled plastic (PET) bottles

#6620 recycled plastic (PET) bottles (Photo credit: Nemo’s great uncle)

Does your baby play with trash?  Mine does.

If you were to look into our livingroom you would see a big box filled with toys, as well as a pack and play filled with toys.  Lots and lots of toys.  What is my daughter’s favorite toy?  An empty plastic water bottle.

She loves digging in our recycle bin.  She finds ways to either get into it or pull it down so she can get plastic 2 liter soda bottles or small water bottles out of it.  I can’t keep her out of the thing unless I put it on top of the kitchen cabinet.  We’ve stopped putting anything that could hurt her (like an empty vegetable can, for instance, or a beer bottle) in there – they go out in the big bin by the back door.

When we realized this predilection for household items, my husband and I started feeding her interest.  He eats peanuts from those large, clear plastic canisters, so he washed one out and gave it to her.  I had purchased a couple of foam balls from the dollar store that she could use in the bathtub.  They leaked paint all over the place so we put them in the canister and she can shake it around.

I also have saved oddly shaped and sized plastic bottles and jars from the trash or recycling.  She loves to roll them around or stack them.  It’s an inexpensive way to have some fun!



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