Work Out, Mama!

English: Postage stamp illustrating baby stret...

English: Postage stamp illustrating baby stretching exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of months ago, bored with our usual walks around the neighborhood, I decided to try Couch to 5K.  I loved the program, but it got too hot to do it when you factor in the humidity and my level of fitness (which is somewhat nil).  I stopped and decided I would do DVDs and Wii at home.  I have, but not often.

Back in the winter a local mall advertised a Baby Boot Camp class for free once a week.  I was excited about it and signed up as soon as they announced it.  Then it got cancelled the day before it was supposed to start.  I figured we’d never hear about it again.

I am so glad I was wrong.  I happened to check the mall event calendar last week and saw that it was scheduled to start today, July 2.  I signed up and packed my trunk with yoga mat, weights and jogging stroller.

It was So. Much. Fun.  A workout for sure – my abs are letting me know about it right now, and I’m sure my arms will be complaining tomorrow.  There was fast walking, high knee skipping and lunges, as well as work with weights that involved singing songs to baby, and it wrapped up with a yoga cooldown (and some treats provided by mall merchants).

I’m so glad I went.  It will be free through the end of September.  Then I might sign up or start on Couch to 5K again, assuming it is cooler then.

If you’re looking for a fun workout that involves your baby, check out Baby Boot Camp.  The first class is free and the monthly classes look pretty inexpensive.

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just really enjoyed myself.


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