Orphaned Ox Joins the Family 6

Orphaned Ox Joins the Family 6 (Photo credit: ShellyS)

It has been a rough week for one little Miss P.  First she was diagnosed with roseola.  That cleared up fairly quickly once I took her to the doctor and spent the (uninsured) money and found out what it was and that there was nothing to be done but wait it out.

Then we went to the mall and when I was putting her stroller back in the trunk I noticed there was a small spider in the cupholder.  I banged it on the pavement until it went away.  It wasn’t until later that evening that I noticed she had two spider bites on her hand.  They were swollen and red.  Luckily, some hydrocortisone and a good night’s sleep cleared those up.

Over the weekend we went shopping and when we got home my husband got her out of the car seat to take her into the house.  I grabbed our purchases and followed them to the back door.  He had opened the door but the two of them were out in the backyard and she was crawling through the grass.  I went in to unload the bags and he brought her in a few minutes later saying she started kicking so he thought she wanted to be picked up.

He went to change her diaper and found three huge insect bites on one of her legs – one on the front of her calf and the other two on the back of her thigh right near where her diaper sits.  They were big and red and angry.  I put some cream on them and they’ve since gone down but aren’t completely gone.

And today?  Today took the cake.  I playfully whooshed her into her crib and she kept the momentum going and fell forward. smacking the upper part of her mouth on the crib rail.  She started to cry and I picked her up to comfort her, and that’s when I noticed her hand was covered in blood.  She had just put it in her mouth, and her top gums were bleeding.

Seeing her bleed was awful.  I cleaned her up, gave her some Tylenol and a teething ring and waited until she got calmed down. Then I nursed her and she napped for an hour.

Life is rough!


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