A Catch in the Throat

walking baby tux

walking baby tux (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday we were spending a quiet morning together. Breakfast was finished, my husband was working on his computer and Miss P was playing on the livingroom floor.

I had just finished the breakfast dishes when I spied little miss heading for her father’s lap. I grabbed a teething biscuit as I started towards her.

By this time she had pulled herself up into a standing position, holding his chair with one hand and babbling happily.  I walked over and placed the teething biscuit (her first) in her outstretched hand.  While she was distracted, I grabbed the hand she was using to grip the chair and walked her into the living room, about 10 steps away.

Normally she would pull away and drop to the floor to crawl.  I guess she was distracted by the cookie because she didn’t do that.  She walked like she’s been doing it forever.

She walked.

She’s just growing up so damn fast.  She gets to be more fun the older she gets, but I’m not ready for dating and driving and college and grandkids just yet.  Couldn’t she slow down just a little bit?


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