On Growing Up


Einkaufswagen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday we ran a few errands, only one of which required me to take Miss P out of her car seat.  I love strapping her in to a shopping cart, and she loves sitting in the seat, looking around and getting cooed at by little old ladies.

We were at the Walmart Supercenter, and I had a couple of frozen items to grab so we were heading to the frozen foods section as a last stop before checking out and going home.  On the way we passed a woman pushing a shopping cart with one hand and holding a very new baby girl in her other arm.

I felt a brief pang of memory as I looked from that wee little bundle to my sitter-upper-look-arounder.  Then I leaned down into Miss P’s face and received a brilliant smile in return for mine.

“There are times when mommy misses her sweet, teensy little baby, but they are few and far between.  We have so much more fun now,” I told her, and stroked a finger down her soft cheek.

Each age brings with it challenges and rewards.  She’ll never be that tiny, helpless little thing again.  Sometimes I miss it, but I’m mostly glad it is over.  I often felt as helpless as she did.

I enjoy so much watching her grow and discover the world around her. I get to see everything through her eyes now.  What a gift.


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