So Spoiled

Let Sleeping Children Lie

Let Sleeping Children Lie (Photo credit: stewickie)

It is, as I type this, 3:38 am.  I have been up at this time for the past, oh, couple of weeks or so.

We’re experience what I guess must be a sleep regression brought on by moving, time change and teething.  My easy baby who has slept through the night since she was 2 months old has decided she no longer needs to sleep through the night.

I’ve rocked, nursed, played, massaged, begged, pleaded and cursed but the kid wants to wake up at 11 pm and will go down sometime after 2 am if I’m lucky.  She wakes up at the normal time no matter how many hours she was up “partying” the night before.

Hello Exhaustion My Old Friend.

For two nights running we did cry it out*.  The first night I caved after an hour.  Last night I didn’t and she only cried 45 minutes, then slept  in an hour later that morning.  I also got teething tablets and stocked up on infant Tylenol at the store and made a game plan with my husband: when she wakes, I will give her Tylenol, change her, nurse her to sleep and then put her back to bed.  If she wakes up, we will do the cry it out thing again.

He commented that the problem is we’ve spoiled her.  I disagree.  I think SHE spoiled US by sleeping through the night so early on. I got used to going to bed and sleeping for 8 – 1o hours.  I can deal with catnaps as long as I’ve had a good night’s sleep.  Now that she’s given up on sleeping through the night I’m suffering badly. I got so spoiled.

So it’s now 3:46 am.  I should point out that the only reason I’m up right now is because I have been conditioned by my daughter to be awake right now.  She is currently sleeping peacefully in her crib, where she has been since 9:30 pm last night.  Stinker.

I’m going back to bed shortly.

*I should point out that her “crying” includes neither snot nor tears nor hyperventilating.  She’s just making a lot of very tired, very loud noises when she is “crying”.  That’s how I know she is not hurting and not in need of anything.  If I thought she needed something (other than sleep) I would go to her.


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8 responses to “So Spoiled”

  1. Surprise Mama says :

    Hi Old (First Time) Mom – I am just like you…and old first-time mom!! As I am writing my blog posting this afternoon about sleep regression and my daughters new found desire NOT to sleep, your blog popped up in my related content box below. I feel your pain. I am (ironically) writing about the exact same thing today. My LadyBug S is 9 months old on Saturday and this is the first time (in the first-time mom’s life) that her sleep has not been relatively peaceful and predictable. – though she has not quite slept through the night since 2 months, I agree with you – she has totally spoiled us! I wish you all the best as you work through this newest adventure! It is nice to know that you are out there going through something similar and that I am not alone. I will follow your blog and look forward to watching your adventures unfold. You will see my post later today. Best of luck tonight – I hope that things get easier soon!

    ~Surprise Mama

  2. MrBabyDaddy says :

    A neighbor called the cops on us trying to retrain after a short illness in which our little girl needed extra care. She spoiled us by sticking to a routine like a champ. Once she got sick, it all went out the window. But she’s back to normal now (for now). But now I have to get back on schedule too…
    My wife and I are old first time parents too.

  3. cherylrr says :

    Thank you for the link back! Glad you are getting some writing done. I’m hoping to get some done very soon.

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