Crazy Strong

English: Andy aged 2 doing pull ups.

English: Andy aged 2 doing pull ups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Miss P’s 6-month appointment (the one that happened when she was almost 7 months old – insurance issues), the nurse and doctor both asked “What’s she doing now?” and among the things I listed:  she’s crawling.  They were impressed because she’s on the very early end of the scale to be crawling.  She’d been crawling for a little over 2 weeks at that point.

Having an open floor plan in the new place is nice, because I could put her down on the floor, she could crawl all over the place, and I could mostly see her.  She did a lot of exploring and I wasn’t too worried about her because it’s hard to fall off the floor, right?

Well, she’s changed the game again.  Now she’s pulling up on things and standing.

It doesn’t matter what the item is: a trash can, laundry basket, moving box, rocking recliner, exersaucer, whatever.  If it’s higher than her knees, she’s going to try to stand up using it.  This often results in whatever it is tipping over, or her losing her balance and falling.

She’s had a couple of black eyes, a small goose egg on her forehead and a bump on her eyebrow.  Luckily, the few times she has fallen backwards she’s been on the wonderful ABC foam mat we bought for the livingroom.

Of course, this means I can’t just put her down and let her go anymore.  The house is still in enough disarray that she could do some major damage to herself when no one is watching.

Then the other night she really surprised me.  I was sitting next to her while she played on the floor and she pulled up on the couch cushion closest to her play pen.  She moved from couch to play pen by gripping the mesh in her hands, then she stretched up, grabbed the top bar of the side of the play pen and pulled herself up.  She actually lifted her feet off the floor.

We’re in big trouble now.


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