For One Horrible Moment…

cute baby toy

cute baby toy (Photo credit: Yeshe)

We recently moved from a two story house with some awful, steep stairs, to a one story house with an open concept.  I LOVE the open kitchen/living room/dining area because it allows me to see what my family are up to while I’m in the kitchen (separated from them only by a partial bar/cabinet area), and it allows Miss P to see me while she plays in her exersaucer in the living room.  She’s going through separation anxiety with me right now so this is such a gift.

Yesterday my husband was out on the driveway working out some storage issues.  I was back and forth between the laundry room (in a separate building just outside the back door) and the kitchen.  I had put Miss P on the floor in the living room with all of her musical toys, and she was playing happily.

I ducked out to the laundry room, leaving the back door standing open since it was nice out.  I pulled the clothes from the dryer, hung up the ones that needed it and came back into the house.  I looked in the living room – no baby.  Toys were silent.  Dining room was empty as I rushed through it to check behind the recliner in the living room.

I started calling out to her, though she doesn’t answer yet.  My heart was in my throat, and suddenly the world was silent.  Two thoughts went racing through my head:

1.  She was trapped under something, unable to cry out because she wasn’t breathing.

2.  She was taken by someone who managed to get in the back door, and take her past me (in the laundry room) and my husband (in the driveway).

I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t make a sound.  I whirled around frantically, and there she was.

She had crawled from the living room into the dining room and was up near the bar cabinet playing with the broom I had left there.  I had walked past her playing quietly and walked into my own personal nightmare.  I have never felt such panic in all my life.

I ordered a few things online on Saturday, and one of them is a walker.  Our floors are all hard wood and I think she would enjoy the freedom of being able to “walk” around and follow me wherever I go.  I’ll also be able to see and hear her coming.

My heart started pounding just recounting this story!


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