Learning to FLY

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been doing the FlyLady thing intermittently for years.  I’ve been resistant to some of her edicts (get up and dress to lace up shoes, make bed, blah blah) and it just doesn’t work that way.

I’m making my bed these days (even on weekends!) and the few times I’ve dressed to lace up shoes I can say that it has helped a lot.  I still don’t do it every day and I should.  The making the bed thing is awesome and I plan to keep it up indefinitely.

February for Flying is decluttering 15 minutes a day.  I had planned to do this but then our housing situation got all weird.  At the same time the weather got yucky again and the stress + lack of sunshine = unhappy, unmotivated momma.  I should be able to overcome but I couldn’t.

Since we have signed a lease on a new place (yay!) and have a date set to move (next weekend! and for the next two weeks after that!), I’m in a packing mood.  Part of my packing plan is to declutter as I go, which is going well so far.  I started with the kitchen and have two cabinets packed.  Anything I hate, don’t use or don’t love goes in the recycle bin, the trash, or a bag to donate.

Friday I took a bunch of housewares and old bedding to Goodwill, and on Saturday I took more housewares.  The trick to decluttering is to get rid of stuff right away.  When I took the second load to Goodwill and dumped it in the housewares bin, I had a moment of “maybe I shouldn’t give that away…” about something and decided to just turn and walk away.

It is a testament to how important that item was that I can’t even remember what it was at this moment, or why I thought I needed it after deciding to get rid of it.

I found myself trying to figure out what to get rid of on Sunday, but reasoned that Goodwill probably wasn’t open.  I didn’t check to verify that.  I have plans for what I’m going to load the car with for tomorrow’s load.

Who knew it would feel so good to get rid of stuff?


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