Come Here Often?

For Rent

For Rent (Photo credit: TheDarkThing)

I’d like to say I come here often but the last couple of weeks have made it nearly impossible.

Last Monday (the first day of the week of Mommy Disappointment) my husband received a call from our landlord.  He lives in Florida, and we generally deal with his father, so this was a surprise.  He asked if my husband knew our lease was up in March (we did know this) and wanted to know if we planned to stay in the house.  We said that we did.  He said he was moving back to the area in March and would call the next day.

I had a bad feeling, so I started looking for places to live.  I knew he was going to want his house back, despite the fact that we are stellar tenants.  Why would he look for a new place here when he already has one?

I started on Craigslist because that’s where we found this place.  I was hoping to find something in a lower price range with the same basic set up (number of bathrooms and bedrooms, garage) in this general area, since we like it here.  All I found were scammers and more scammers, or apartments in our price range.

The landlord didn’t call the next day so my husband called him and he confirmed that he will be back in town on March 1, wants his house back and wants to know when we can be out.  Our lease isn’t up until March 15.  My husband told him that we didn’t have a leaving date since he had just then told us that he wanted the house back.  Dork.

So we need to be out ASAP.  We drove around looking for houses with For Rent signs out front and didn’t come up with anything.  I was getting frustrated.  I had sent out some Craigslist responses to some ads and the last few trickled in with their responses in return: all scams.  So frustrating.  Yesterday I took my daughter out and we drove around a large neighborhood nearby.  I found 4 houses or rent, all out of our price range.  I was beginning to panic.

We have, since then, managed to make appointments to see two houses today, one with a garage and one without, both just barely outside of our price range (enough so that we can eek out the extra $50 per month).  I’ve got leads on two more than are coming available in mid-March and early April.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

I hate the idea of moving, but there are things I genuinely don’t like about this house, and the moving process means we can cull out a bunch of crap we really don’t need.  I’m trying to see the bright side.

Now if the sun would just come out!


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