Mommy Disappointment


social-butterfly (Photo credit: The Daring Librarian)

This week was shaping up to be a busy one:

Monday – doctor appointment for 6 month check up and shots (not excited about it, but it has to be done)

Tuesday – Mommy and baby exercise class kick-off at the local mall (A chance to get in shape, meet other mommies and socialize my baby – for free? Yes, please!)

Thursday – Baby story time at the library.

I’m not much of a social butterfly and often spend time by myself at home.  This has been ok until the weather got bad and I realized I was talking to an infant, with no other human contact, for 10+ hours a day. Also, I might make a wonderful hermit but my daughter needs to be around other people.

This schedule was looking rather nice!  We have gone to the library a couple of times before and enjoyed it, the exercise class looked like fun and I was excited to see how big my little munchkin has gotten at her pediatrician visit.

And then things started to go wrong.

First – the library advised that story time was cancelled this week due to a staff meeting.

Then – I asked my husband where our new insurance cards were, since we had not received them in the mail from what I could tell.  He contacted his HR person who told him that there was coverage but cards needed to be “re-sent” so I should just go to the doctor as scheduled, have them contact Blue Cross and look up the coverage by my husband’s social security number.  If there was a problem I should have them call HR (this is a new job for him and coverage for us was to start January 1).  I felt uncomfortable with this, and on Friday after his office had closed he called Blue Cross who told him they had no record of coverage for him.  I called the pediatrician and moved the appointment to the next available date, which is at the end of the month.

And finally, the local mall posted on Facebook on Monday afternoon that due to unforeseen events they would have to postpone the kick-off of the exercise classes until an undetermined later date.  Bummer.

So I’m open to suggestions.  What does one do with a 6 month old, for free, that helps socialize him or her and allows mom to be with other adults?  Story time continues next week but we need more than that!



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