Adventures in Baby Food Making!

At Miss P’s 4-month checkup the pediatrician asked if I thought she was ready to start solids.  This can be done as early as 4 months, but I wasn’t sure little miss was ready.  The doctor told me when I felt ready that she recommended starting on single grain cereals like rice.

I decided to let her try it out when she was 5 months old. She had been watching us eat and looking really forlorn while her mouth mimicked our actions of opening, closing, and chewing.  It was cute, and kinda sad.

I opted for oatmeal since I’d heard some things about arsenic and rice.  I’m sure it’s nothing major and probably nothing to be worried about, but I just felt safer going with the oatmeal.  I also thought if I had a choice between rice and oatmeal myself I would go for the oatmeal every time.  She got the hang of eating from a spoon after a couple of days and has been enjoying oatmeal ever since.

As she approaches the 6 month mark I wanted to try some other foods.  I’d read that avocado was a good starting point so I got one, mashed it up with a little breastmilk and she gobbled it down like a pro.  Avocado = successful.

Over the next weekend we went to the farmer’s market and I picked out a couple more avocados and brought them home.  I put the meat of a whole one in my bullet blender with about 3 oz of breastmilk and blended it to a creamy consistency.  Part of it went in a bowl for feeding right then, and the rest went into a small ice cube tray in the freezer.

This is what it looks like after being frozen:

avocado framed

I just pop a couple of these in the steamer and warm them up to feed her.  She loves it.

I love that the addition of breastmilk makes it more creamy, more nutritious AND keeps it from turning brown.  She didn’t finish her first serving at lunch so I popped a lid on it and put it in the fridge and when I took it out for dinner it was still creamy, green and delicious (yes, I tasted it!).

Up next: sweet potatoes!



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2 responses to “Adventures in Baby Food Making!”

  1. Stace says :

    That’s such a creative idea! i’ve only seen people freeze frozen grapes or berries but avocados? never crossed my mind. How did your baby enjoy it? 🙂

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