She Just Keeps Growing Up!

Miss P playing with the toy she charmed her daddy into buying for her at Walmart last weekend.

Miss P playing with the toy she charmed her daddy into buying for her at Walmart last weekend.

What is it about babies becoming more upright that makes them seem more like kids than infants?  Sometimes when I look at Miss P standing in her exersaucer she just takes my breath away.

At nearly 6 months old she has mastered rolling over and can do it from tummy to back and back to tummy in either direction.  She grabs her feet, well, always, but especially when I am trying to change her.  The other day I found her on the play mat on her hands and knees rocking back and forth.

Oh, dear lord, she will be crawling soon, won’t she?

By the time she was 4 months old she was trying to pull herself into a sitting position.  She even tried pulling herself up on the pediatrician’s lab coat while she was being examined.  Once she started rolling she gave up on the pull ups.

A couple of days ago I decided to really press her on the sitting up thing.  I would pull her into a sitting position and then curl my legs around her to keep her upright, but I wanted to see her do it on her own.

Do it, she did.  She can sit unassisted for an extended period of time.  I put one of her Christmas toys in front of her, something she hasn’t been interested in because she can’t play with it laying down. She had a great time playing with it.  She had a couple of balance checks during playtime where she almost toppled over to the side but caught herself and pushed back up.

Hopefully she will get the hang of sitting up on her own eventually.

Sitting up opens up a whole new world to her, as will crawling and then (gulp) walking.  I’m excited for her to surpass these milestones even as I grieve the loss of my precious infant.  She grows more independent by the day.


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