It Works!

When I was researching cloth diapers, methods, etc., one thing I kept seeing was that sunlight gets rid of poop stains.  I filed that little tidbit of information away just in case I ever needed it.

So if sunlight bleaches out poop stains, why was I always seeing poop stained diapers being sold by other moms?  The buy/sell/trade boards were always full of diapers that were stained.

Different kinds of inner cloth diapers. Baby d...

Different kinds of inner cloth diapers. Baby diapers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This made me skeptical of sunlight.  If it works so great and doesn’t cost anything, wouldn’t these people use it?

The other day I decided to put it to the test.  I had gone a couple of days without washing diapers, and I had forgotten that among the bunch was a poopy one.  Everything got washed, and the inserts got dried in the dryer.  The covers get line dried inside the house (and by “line dried” I mean I hang them over the sides of an empty laundry basket on top of the dryer overnight or until I need them again).

I was stuffing diapers and I noticed that one of the covers had some light poop stains on it.  They were yellow, but noticeable.  It was late morning and sunlight was flooding our back deck so I draped the cover over the back of a lawn chair and promptly forgot about it.

Later in the day we returned from a walk around the neighborhood and I noticed that the back yard was decked in shadows.  I went out to get the diaper expecting to have to put it back out again the next day.

It was completely bright white.  The stains were gone.  And on top of that, it smelled like fresh air.

I’m a believer.


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