Update on Baby Bullet Steamer

In my previous review I told you that my Baby Bullet Steamer had stopped working.  I unplugged it, dried it off, then put it on a microfiber drying mat on the kitchen counter overnight.  The next morning, it still didn’t work.  I decided to leave it for one more day.

The next morning, the steamer functioned as if nothing had ever happened to it.  I sterilized some bottle pieces and steam-boiled some eggs and it worked fine.

My husband pointed out that I use it A LOT and maybe it wasn’t designed for such heavy duty usage.  I suppose he could be right, but I wouldn’t consider using it 3-4 times per day to be heavy usage.

I have since decided to go back to sterilizing bottle pieces the way I was before, by dumping boiling water over them.  The steamer is up in the cabinet waiting for such time as we need it to steam-boil eggs or steam food for the baby.  The metal reservoir for the water cannot be taken out and cleaned, and it’s hard to get clean otherwise.

I still wouldn’t purchase one.  It’s a little bit of a hassle just to boil eggs.


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