What A Way To Start The New Year

Sickness has been making the rounds at our place.

Miss P woke up New Year‘s morning very cranky and with a fever.  Since we were out of town visiting family I didn’t have anything with me to help her. (Note to self: always always always bring the infant Tylenol.  Always.)  I was at Walgreens as soon as they opened to get some infant Tylenol for her.  It helped her settle, but she still slept off and on all morning and was cranky when she was awake.  We had to make the 2.5 hour drive home with her like that but thankfully she slept most of the way.

A box of Scotties tissues

A box of Scotties tissues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Wednesday she seemed to be feeling better, but still has a runny nose, an occasional dry cough, and sneezing.  I obsessively check her temperature with a temporal thermometer and she hasn’t spiked a fever in a few days.

My husband went back to work on Wednesday and came home complaining of a headache.  By bedtime he was feeling worse, then woke up Thursday morning so sick that he called in to work, something he almost never does.

At this point I started chugging Emergen-C.  I also kept the baby away from him and let him sleep most of the day.

Friday he went back to work, but by midday I was feeling poorly.  Saturday I felt even worse: stuffy, achy, tired.  I didn’t sleep much Saturday night into Sunday, but felt a bit better on Sunday.  Still had a stuffy nose and aches, but not as bad.  Thank God for the neti pot.

I am so grateful that I was sick over the weekend when he was here to pinch hit for me.  I can’t avoid the baby entirely since she is still nursing and I don’t pump (I suppose I could have, but sometimes the only way to get her to sleep is to nurse her to sleep and the bottle is not as effective at getting her down).

I’m hoping that the sickness isn’t going to continue to be passed around.  We need to all be well again.


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