We Are The Chickens

Imagine that title sung in the vein of “We Are The Champions” only less Freddie Mercury and more clucking.

Now that Miss  P is nearly 5 months old, we finally bought her nursery furniture.  I found a great deal on a crib, dresser and changing table with virtually free shipping.  It arrived at our door within days and my wonderful husband spent a couple of nights putting it all together.


crib (Photo credit: Swiss James)

And it sat in her bedroom empty for several days.

Well, we didn’t have a crib mattress, you see.  I knew it needed one but I didn’t order one when I ordered the furniture because the shipping would have gone way up and we can just pick up a mattress in town.  Plus we’d need crib sheets and a mattress pad and… what else?

We went as a family the other day to buy said mattress, pad and sheets.  It was a fun outing, even though the stores were packed with holiday shoppers and people who had just gotten paid.

When we got home I washed the sheets and the mattress pad while hubby put the mattress in the crib.  When everything was dry I went upstairs and made up the bed, then took little miss up, changed her on the changing table, then put her in the crib so she could check it out.  She acted like she had been in it a million times before.  No biggie, Momma.

The room is arranged. The monitor is plugged in and placed near the crib.  Her clothes are up there now.  Her diapers are stocked on the changing table.  That room is ready.

And Miss P is sleeping in her bassinet in our room tonight.

I asked the husband if he thought we should put her up there tonight, and his eyes widened in surprise.

“Were we planning to do that?”

I shrugged.  “Well, there’s nothing really stopping us…”

Then I thought about it a moment.  “You won’t sleep very well tonight if she’s up there, will you?”

“No, probably not,” he admitted.

“I won’t either.”

So it is decided that the coming up Friday will be her first night sleeping in her own bed, in her own room.  That way we all have the weekend to recover should it be a sleepless night.

Cluck cluck.


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