And… Rolling!

She did it! She finally did it!  Miss P can roll over from belly to back!

Sean Rolling Over - 2

Sean Rolling Over – 2 (Photo credit: ThrasherDave) [not our baby, not our play mat]

We’ve been working on this with her for about 6 weeks now and she hasn’t shown much interest.  At first she would lay on her belly a bit, then cry and mash her face into the play mat or the blanket.  Eventually she began to push up on her arms, but she would still cry and then scream.  Then she moved from crying and screaming to playing with the toys within her reach, but she still wouldn’t roll.

My husband put her on her back one day and put a musical turtle just out of her reach over her shoulder.  She began to reach for it and could pull herself from back to side, but just couldn’t commit to the full roll.  I was convinced she would roll from back to belly first, and even called my husband down from upstairs one evening because it seemed like she was about to do it, but she didn’t.

Then the other day my dad called to tell me about his latest doctor appointment.  He asked if she was rolling over yet and I said “no, and she probably never will because she simply has no motivation to do so, and I’m fine with that.”

Later that afternoon I brought her and a bunch of toys into our bedroom to start prepping her for nap time.  I put her on her belly in the center of the bed and went to wash my hands from her diaper change.  I came back in and sat next to her and she pulled her leg up, pushed, and rolled over on her back to look at me.

I was astonished.

I pulled her back on her belly, then went to the bedside table to grab my phone to record it, and by the time I got back she was on her back again.  I caught the next two rolls for posterity, and started crying as soon as I turned off the video recorder.

My little girl is growing up so fast.



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