Oy! The Competition!

So the other day my mother called.  This doesn’t happen often, and it’s even less often that I actually pick up when she calls (more on our strained relationship another day).  I happened to pick up this time.  Miss P was on her play mat in the living room floor and I was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The painting is described thus: "Ludwig v...

The painting is described thus: “Ludwig van Beethoven was recognised as a child prodigy. He worked at the age of 13 as organist, pianist/harpsichordist and violist at the court in Bonn, and had published three early piano sonatas. This portrait in oils is the earliest authenticated likeness of Beethoven.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“How is my granddaughter?” she asked.

“She’s fine. Playing on the floor right now.”

“Is she rolling over yet?”

“Nope, not yet.  She’s getting close though.”

“Not yet???”

“No, Mom.  She’s only 3 and a half months old.”

“Well, you were rolling over just before you turned 3 months old!”

I snorted.  “It’s not a race, Mom.  All the parenting websites say it will happen around 4 months or so.  She’ll do it when she’s damn good and ready.”

I can’t seem to escape the competitive nature of motherhood.  My daughter is even in competition with the infant me!

She’s coming up on 4 months old and she gets closer and closer every day.  She may make it before that 4 month “deadline” or she may not.  Either way she’s going to be fine.

On our way out of town for Thanksgiving we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and I caught Miss P staring at the ketchup bottle on the table and moving her mouth like she was trying to sound out the words.  So apparently my baby can already read.

Top that, Mom.



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