I’m a competitive person by nature (and there is someone I know who just read that statement and is laughing because “competitive” doesn’t even begin to describe it).  One thing I wrote was about how I didn’t want to get involved in the competitiveness between moms.  I can’t stand that crap.

Infant & juvenile play

Infant & juvenile play (Photo credit: kibuyu)

It’s really hard to abstain, though, isn’t it?

I started participating in an online pregnancy and baby forum during my first pregnancy, and continued to do so when I got pregnant with Miss P.  Most of the women in the group are, of course, in their 20s and 30s, but I still liked to read about their man troubles, pregnancy troubles, health problems, and yes, even their sexual problems.  By comparison my pregnancy was a breeze!

Now that all of the women in the August 2012 group have had their babies the posts have changed.  Sure, they still have man problems, weight problems and health problems, as well as assorted baby troubles.  But then you start getting the…other… kind of posts:

Is your baby teething yet?  I think mine is teething already!

My baby rolled over today! He’s only 5 weeks!

She slept through the night last night!


Reading about what other women’s babies are doing that my baby isn’t doing is tough!  Should she be rolling over already?  When I read about “normal” development I’m told that, no, she’s fine, rolling over happens later.  Teething?  Well, she’s drooling a lot and is starting to act like she’s teething, but maybe not?  I don’t know.

It’s so hard!  I’m convinced my child is the most beautiful and most brilliant, but dangit! Someone else’s kid rolled over at 7 weeks, and here she is 11 weeks and still working on it.  It makes me want to push her, and she doesn’t need to be pushed.  She needs to learn how to do these things on her timetable, not the internet’s.  Or mine.

Time to take a deep breath, mama.



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