Grown Up

A few days ago when I rolled out of bed at 5 am I didn’t have to feed the baby.  Her daddy did it.

New Orleans

New Orleans (Photo credit: Sandy Girl)

I took a nice long, hot shower.  I went into the upstairs bathroom and spent some time on my hair.  I put on makeup.  I got dressed up, including stockings and heels.  Then I drove 2 hours to New Orleans for a job interview.

As it turns out, it’s more of a sales position than what was originally advertised.  They are looking to bring on people at 100% commission starting from zero.  No existing business, just a list of prospects to cold call.

Because I’d be spending a great deal of time on the phone in the beginning, I’d have to put Miss P in day care (or hire a nanny).  That’s out of pocket expense that would be ongoing until I got my client base running. That’s not something we can afford.

I went in expecting a job offer with a salary and perhaps a small commission.  What I got was a conversation about a new business model for a struggling company.  It’s just innovative enough to work for them.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to work for me.

It was nice to get up an spend some time on myself, then go talk with other adults about something I am quite knowledgeable about.  It was an interesting change from my usual day to day.

Perhaps another opportunity will come along.  In the meantime I will continue freelance writing and caring for my daughter.


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