Decisions, Decisions

When we moved to Baton Rouge for my husband’s job I gave up my job working in an industry in which I had over 20 years experience.  I had a couple of bad work environment experiences at my last two jobs so I was nearing burn out, unhappy with how things were going in my career.

I expected to be bored but my interesting pregnancy (read: hypertension, gestational diabetes, extreme exhaustion) made staying at home a wonderful prospect.  My husband was earning enough to keep up the bills with some extra, and I anticipated doing some freelance writing on the side to earn some extra cash.

Beast of a Job Interview, after Walter Crane

Beast of a Job Interview, after Walter Crane (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

In May I sent an online application to a company that was in my (former) industry for a work from home position.  I felt I was more than qualified for the position and I loved the idea of being able to work from home.  This was before I had the baby, and before I knew what it meant to be the mom of an infant.

I never heard back from them, so I just chalked it up to them being overrun with qualified applicants. No harm, no foul.  At least I tried.  Secretly, I was a little surprised they didn’t contact me.

I received an email from them yesterday advising me that they are interested in interviewing me for the position I applied for back in May.  The interview is next week in New Orleans, should I decide to call HR and set up an appointment.

I’m ambivalent about the opportunity.  The income and the opportunity to work with adults is exciting, but I am really enjoying staying home with my daughter.  I suppose if the income was enough I could have someone come into our home to take care of her while I was working.  I’m not sure I could send her to daycare.

I discussed it with my husband and he agrees I should at least set up an interview and see what they have to say.  He’s going to stay home with Miss P while I go to the interview.

What would you do?


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