Held Hostage

Miss P will be 6 weeks old in the very near future, and I can honestly say it gets better every day having her around.  She has started cooing and vocalizing (mostly during diaper changes), which has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

She doesn’t cry much now, but for a week or so I would have sworn we were being held hostage by an adorable tiny terrorist.  She would start freaking out around 9 or 10 pm and wouldn’t stop for hours.  It was hell for me since I’m the one who stays up with her in the evenings, and hell for her dad because he’d have to put up with me putting up with her.

Luckily, just after she was born I had started reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and raced to finish it when the meltdowns started. I liked what Dr. Karp had to say about the “fourth trimester” and decided to try his techniques.


Not me and not my baby, but a pretty good rendition of how to calm a baby. (Photo credit: c3k)

I know some people don’t believe it, but they really do work. Probably the hardest one to do is the “shushing” technique. I would swaddle Miss P and then shush very loudly into her ear until my throat was aching and raw, but it worked. These techniques take practice and persistence, but they really do work. (And if you’re not a book reader, there is also a DVD.)

Nowadays I still use the techniques but it doesn’t take long to calm her and she is (knock wood) sleeping through the night now, usually from 10:30 pm until 4:30 am (sometimes as late as 5:30 am).  She then gets up for an hour and a half to eat, then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours or so.

If you’re looking for a solution for a colicky baby, give the book/DVD a try.  Try the techniques and be bold about them.  Don’t give up after 2 minutes because, unless your baby has some underlying medical issue, they WILL work.

I will be buying this DVD or book for any baby shower I attend ever.  That’s how much I believe.


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