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When my husband and I first started talking about cloth diapering, we really didn’t know what we were talking about, we just knew that we wanted to try.  I did some initial research online and found some cute all-in-ones (AIOs) but we didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t far enough along, and then there was no need to.

Diaper Central

Diaper Central (Photo credit: girlonthewire)

With this baby I’ve had plenty of time to research.  My initial decision was the Econobums would be the way to go.  We didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and the idea of spending $100 or so on enough diapers to last us through toilet training was a very attractive prospect.

For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to pull the trigger.

I found out that there was a cloth diaper store very close to my house, and that allowed me to go, poke around, and see what was what. I had already spoken to my grandmother about cloth diapering and she told me what she had done – flats and rubber pants.  So while I was at the cloth diaper shop I checked out the AIOs, the pockets, the Flips, and everything in between.  I also bought a sample pack of the Econobums – one prefold and one cover, among other things.

I’m so glad I bought that sample pack, because once I prepped the very thick insert, I decided they probably weren’t for me.  The prefold is nice, but it’s so bulky I’m not sure I can work with it.

So here is my stash as it stands right now:

24 birdseye flats (gift from grandmother – these have all been prepped and folded origami [or bat wing] style)

3 Gerber rubber (plastic/training) pants – size 0-3 months, purchased from Babies R Us (clear/white)

3 rubber/plastic/training pants – purchased on clearance from the local diaper shop – size S, cute patterns!

20 solid color Alva pocket diapers, purchased as a package directly from the website (with microfiber inserts)

4 print Alva pocket diapers, purchased from the website (with microfiber inserts)

3 Kissaluvs organic cotton/hemp fitted diapers (size M/L) purchased from Ecomom using a discount certificate from PlumDistrict

1 Econobum prefold/cover purchased from the local diaper shop

5 Alva 4-layer bamboo/microfiber blend inserts purchased through a co-op (arriving soon!)

10 Alva 3-layer bamboo inserts purchased through a co-op (arriving soon!)

3 Alva wetbags purchased through a co-op (arriving soon!)

3-pack of Snappis, purchased from the local diaper shop

All told I think my entire stash has cost about $225.  It probably could have been less if I’d purchased the Alva pocket diapers through the co-op rather than from the website, but I was undecided before the deadline had passed.  The co-op also didn’t include the inserts with the diapers so I think I may have broken even on that deal.

All of the above should supposedly last me from birth until potty training with this baby.  $225 would last me 3-4 months with disposables.  Logistically I’m sure this is going to be difficult at first, but I’m excited to have just about everything ready for baby’s arrival.


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