Strange Days

English: Close up of the belly of a pregnant w...

English: Close up of the belly of a pregnant woman, near term. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m at the stage of weekly appointments for baby girl, and included with my regular OB visits are biophysical profiles (BPPs).  If you haven’t had one or don’t know what they are, this is an ultrasound where the baby is checked for fluid, body measurements, heart rate, body movement and practice breathing.  They are kind of cool, unless your little one is stubborn (ahem) and refuses to practice breathe and has to be prodded into it.

So the other day I was sitting in the waiting room at ultrasound and watching the people around me.  I’ve noticed that just about every woman waiting generally brings an entourage with her that has a minimum of 3 people in it (my husband works and we’re new in town so it’s usually just me) and she usually has very swollen feet.  This makes me feel bad for them.

I’ve had a very lucky pregnancy in that I’ve had no swelling, my hair is thick and lustrous and my skin is clear and glowing.  I wish I could keep all this good luck after the baby gets here!  (I should probably feel bad for “crowing” about my good fortune, but my first pregnancy was horrible and ended tragically, so I’m considering this a bit of payback.)

The thing that makes ME different from THEM?  I seem to be the only one talking to my baby.

Maybe it’s because I’m there alone?  I’m not sure.  I tend to keep up a running commentary to my unborn all the time: in the car, at home (even when hubby is home), in waiting rooms, at the grocery store.  Sometimes I just coo to her and tell her I love her.  I also describe where we are and what we are doing.  Sometimes she gets fussy and I find that talking to her, explaining the situation, calms her down.

After my ultrasound and OB appointment the other day I had to go down and complete my pre-admissions paperwork.  There was a wait there, as well, and I kept getting the stink-eye from an old lady sitting near me.  I didn’t think I was being that loud.  I also didn’t stop.

When you were pregnant did you talk to your baby?

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