Eight years ago today I was sitting in my office.  It was summer, the quiet time for our company, and I was bored.  I logged in to ICQ and put up a chat request, looking for someone new to chat with.  Actually, I thought about it for a while because in the past when I had done this I always ended up talking to perverts and foreigners who wanted to get married within 5 minutes of conversation.


ICQ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided to put the chat request up, and a few minutes later I was bombarded by chat requests from perverts, lovesick foreigners, and a guy whose screen name was “Roger”.  Roger turned out to be funny and intelligent, and we chatted for quite a while.  He seemed to find me charming and funny, too, so I agreed to add him as a friend.

Two years later, six years ago today I married “Roger” (aka Terry) at a courthouse in Florida.  I was 34 years old, happily in love, but still scared of taking such a huge leap of faith.

In those six years he has put up with my crazy, we survived two years of unemployment, several years of infertility, the loss of a very much wanted surprise baby and the insanity that comes with a pregnancy soon after a loss, as well as living apart for two months after he found work, and a cross country move when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

It hasn’t been easy, but all things considered, it has been worth it.  I like to think that chat request ended up netting me a great husband, and my daughter the best possible father.  We are lucky to have him.

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