Marking Time

They say that pregnancyhas a tendency to fly by until the last few weeks when time just seems to stop.  I’m not sure I completely agree, since I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER.

English: 2012 Calendar, sized as A4 page

English: 2012 Calendar, sized as A4 page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found out I was pregnant this time on December 7, 3 days before my period was even supposed to start.  I’m not sure if you can find out any earlier than that.  Counting today I’ve known about this pregnancy for 215 days. That’s out of the, what, 280 total? And I still have 41 days left, presuming Little Miss comes on time.

Without having a “real job” to distract me, the days can tend to melt together.  I don’t do much with my days because of the number of doctor appointments that I have, the intense heat, and the exhaustion that comes from being upright and trying to be an engaging human being when I am out in public. It’s even harder to make any sorts of plans.

I remember reading that there was a freelancers online conference in September of this year and I made a mental note that I wanted to be sure to attend this year.  Then I remembered that life in September will be very different from life today.  I don’t know how it will be different, I just know that it will.  Our lives will be turned upside down in ways I can’t even imagine right now, and there is no way to plan for it.

So I’m marking time waiting for that big day sometime in August when everything changes.

On a smaller scale, life as I currently know it is even further segmented.  The gestational diabetes requires that I am eating a meal or a snack every couple of hours to keep my blood glucose levelsfrom spiking.  In addition, I have to test my blood 2 hours after each meal, so I’m either constantly watching the clock or setting my cell phone alarm.  This means I have to plan grocery shopping and naps around eating and testing times.  It can be challenging.

Whenever someone sees me they ask when I’m due and say “Oh, that’s so close!” and I suppose it is.  Up until the last couple of days I really haven’t worried too much about my due date.  When I hit 20+ weeks I started worrying that she might come too early, but now that I’m almost full time I’m growing uncomfortable and beginning to feel ready for her to be here.

Not too soon, but soon, ok?

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