Who Would’ve Thought?

Diapers and covers

Diapers and covers – not mine! (Photo credit: Chris and Jenni)

Prior to our move from Florida to Louisiana in April of this year, I worked in the insurance industry.  I loved the insurance industry and enjoyed my 20+ years learning and teaching.

Nowadays I’m a stay-at-home-almost-mom and freelance writer. It’s a very different life than I led in the past!For instance, I’m no longer chained to a desk and clocked in for someone else’s profit.  I make my own hours, and I love what I do (and who I work for – me!).

Today I did a few freelance items, and then I did some mommy stuff.  I got fluffmail!  My order of all-in-two (AI2) pocket diapers came in the mail, so I’ve spent the afternoon unpacking them and prepping them.  I love the colors of the diapers, and the few patterns that I picked out are even cuter in person than they were on the website.

I’ll be stuffing pockets for a bit (I got 24 of them) and then I’ll be pre-folding more of my flats using the origami (or bat-wing) fold.  I love the idea of having stacks and stacks of clean, fluffy diapers ready for my little muffin when she is ready to come out.

It’s a very different life from the highly competitive world of commercial insurance. I didn’t expect to love it this much.  I would imagine it will be even better once the baby is here.

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