Doctor Visit

I had another mostly sleepless night last night.  I usually have these types of nights whenever I have a doctor visit the next day, and we had one this morning.

This morning we met with a potential pediatrician for our unborn daughter.  I’m not sure why I was nervous about that, but I was.

The woman who recommended this doctor also recommended the OB that we are using so I was pretty sure the pediatrician would be a slam dunk, and she is.  We are planning on a few things that we would consider “alternative” parenting methods, and she was on board with what we were planning.

Breastfeeding symbol

Breastfeeding symbol (Photo credit: Topinambour)

Some major points of our plan:

1.  Babywearing.  I actually forgot to mention this to her this morning.  Oops.  I’m sure it’s not a huge deal to her.

2.  Cloth diapering.  She smiled when I mentioned this.  Also? When I got home I ordered a big batch of diapers.  Excited!

3.  Breastfeeding.  She is a huge proponent of this and is happy that we are going to give it a try.  I come from a long line of breastfeeders so I am hoping that this won’t be an issue for me.

4.  Homeschooling.  I have wanted to homeschool since I figured out I wanted to have kids, and she just nodded and smiled when I mentioned it.

5.  Vaccinating.  We very much believe in vaccinating.  I know that there is a movement out there (especially in homeschooling and “crunchy” communities) to be against vaccines, but that just makes me more interested in vaccinating so that my child isn’t exposed to those illnesses.  Personal preference. She was happy to hear that we wanted to vaccinate.

6. Proper nutrition.  I have been overweight most of  my adult life and it has been such a struggle for me.  Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes has actually been a Godsend for me because it has taught me the role carbs and sugar should play in my life and has allowed me to eat healthy during this pregnancy and control my weight.  This doctor’s “niche” is preventing childhood obesity and I’m really happy I will have someone in my corner who can help me raise my daughter in a healthy way.

7.  Attachment parenting.  Aside from babywearing and the more hippie-ish aspects of this list, we are not so much attachment parents.  There will be no co-sleeping or extended breastfeeding.  Not that there is anything wrong with either of these, they just aren’t for us.

I always feel like there is such a fine line between what we want to do as parents and seeming like we are being critical of the choices of others.  I don’t feel like I am in competition with anyone out there for Mother of the Year, and if I am, well, I concede, because I know I’d never make the cut.  I would assume I will make some mistakes, and I guarantee that I will be the most unpolished mom on the sidelines at the soccer field.

As long as my daughter is happy, healthy and confident that her parents love her, then I’ll consider myself to be doing a good job.


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4 responses to “Doctor Visit”

  1. Karen @ Folk Haven says :

    I love your non-critical, non-competitive spirit. Yet don’t forget, for your daughter, you will always be mother-of-the-year! She is very lucky. 🙂

    • cherylrr says :

      Thank you! And thank you so much for stopping by and commenting as it gave me a chance to discover your wonderful blog.

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