New Mom Help

This might seem like a trivial question, but being a first time mom it feels like every decision from here on out is monumental.  Here goes.

As I said before I set up baby girl’s bassinet a few weeks ago.  Since it has been sitting there empty, I’ve decorated it a bit.  First I put in the baby doll that my dad (her granddad) got her (top center in the picture).  This dolly has eyes that close, and when you squeeze her blankie she coos and then it plays “Rockabye Baby”.

Later I added the two side stuffed animals, a super soft frog and bunny that came from her paternal grandmother.  When I was cleaning her clothes and blankets I added the owl lovey I got at my shower, as well as the blanket hanging off the end of the bed.  Then her auntie (my BFF) came to visit and brought me the two stuffed bears near the front, one from the University of Oklahoma and the other from Oklahoma State University.

Now obviously all of these stuffed animals can’t be in the bassinet with her.  The two bears still have tags on them and I’m sure they say something on them about ages 3 and up.  I think the other stuff is probably safe, but this menagerie is definitely overkill for a newborn.

So what I’m wondering is, how soon after birth is too soon to provide a stuffed animal to the child?  Is a lovey more appropriate?

I’m worried that she’s going to smother if I put something too big in there, but I’d also like for her to have something to cuddle up to since we aren’t planning to co-sleep.  Any advice from you been-there-done-that mamas?

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