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That’s My Mommy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always wanted to be a mommy blogger, but there was one thing standing in my way: I wasn’t a mommy.  I won’t bore you with the endless details of my infertility (at least not yet anyway) but I will tell you that I’m going to be a mommy in about 62 days, finally, at the age of 40.

Yes, I said 40.  Forty.  Four- zero.  I’m probably not the oldest first time mom in the world, but I bet I’m on the short list!

My first child, a daughter, is due in mid-August.  That means as of right now I’m big, I’m tired and I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking.  This baby is very much planned and wanted after a surprise pregnancy and early second trimester loss last year.

Let the adventure begin.

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2 responses to “Pre-Beginning”

  1. tdblue says :

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading more about your Mommy adventures. 🙂

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